How can I learn more about IP3 | Assess?

IP3 | Assess is a web-based data solution to community needs assessment. It has a robust stater list of indicators, interactive maps, and simple, shareable reporting! The platform allows you to easily compare data from different sources, make sense of data, and go from community insight to concerted action. At IP3, we believe that Community needs assessment should catalyze community change, not just check a box. 

We provide public access to some data through embedding Spotlight Screens on Community Commons, and provide paid licenses to tailored versions of the platform to IP3 clients. Those with a paid license have access to more data at a more granular level. Public access to data through IP3 | Assess is limited to a series of data indicators and to data at a less granular level. If you're interested in seeing more data at a more local (e.g. county; zip code) level, reach out to explore options! 

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